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Inspiring Investment

We have a great day with the Roderick Beer of UKBAA and Ian Tracey of Innovate UK.

This course was presented by leading knowledge holders in UK funding and investment structures.

We discussed our approach to our Business Plan  and Pitch deck.

For those of you reading this, how many hours and days have you put in to your Business Plan?

How long have you worked on your pitch deck?

Just think that the pitch deck is like the entrance porch to the rest of your house ( Business Plan)

With out a polished, impact full Pitch it is unlikely that your investors will want to come through the door.

When the slides come through Ill share them here.

TaBA Associates are well placed to advise you on the latest thinking of investment pitch decks . And this leads us nicely in to the Business Planning processes we can support you on





Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator Launch

This was an interesting launch of  MICRA. 

You’ll be able to see from the link, that 8 Universities have come together with Research England to harness the emerging technology and give it the push its’ needed towards commercialisation

It was interesting, I did wonder whether the scheme/ Universities will be able to resource the transition processes. Noting that these are prime research bodies, they don’t by definition, have the experience of commercialisation of innovation (generally) .

Its one thing developing Tech its another skill set that is needed to bring the Customer expectation though to the research teams.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled.



Specialised Vehicle Event 15th October

👍 TaBA Associates Initial feedback~ in advance of the comprehensive slide deck,

Hosted by the KTN  at London Fire Brigade

Ryan Fisher, KTN and Venn Chesterton, Innovate UK gave a good introduction to the event.

Recognising that Specialist Vehicles is a unique grouping made up , in part, by

Construction, Waste , Emergency and Support Agencies

IDP15 £22 millions with a deadline of 6th December 2018. If you miss this calling , then there is likely to be a repeat next year ( 12 months)

Dr. Anna Wise gave a brief overview of the Faraday Initiative

Brian Robinson of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, gave an overview and Lessons from Recent Projects.

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Working with Innovation

We are working well with innovators in many fields and they are seeing that our support really delivers Value to our customers.

You’ve heard about the Business Model Canvas, a great tool to develop and validate your Business Plan.

We have found that many Innovators,being new to the market,don’t have the detail in place to exploit this process in full.

At TaBA our Associates will work with you to match the most appropriate methodologies with your company maturity. We are using the Value Proposition Canvas and find it a more appropriate means to define your Customer needs and then match this with your Value Proposition. It all adds to a invaluable experience.

Like many things in life ‘its simple’ although the real benefits are extracted through the collaboration with TaBA‘s small, but beautifully formed team.


Value Proposition Canvas

Niobium Seminar

Niobium certainly looks very useful in the drive for high performance batteries. #batteries #performing #automotive





We have launched our Website.

Douglas and I have spent a very interesting evening in the executive meeting room (aka the pub)

Watching the football and developing the webpage, luckily I (Les) knows nothing about either subject matter. So Douglas can tell me about the Brazilian football team.