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IP Life Cycle is designed to add through out your product development journey.

If you don't own it , you have nothing to sell.

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Using the "open source" Business Model Canvas . TaBA will help you to bring your Business Plan to life.

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We can assist you in access to funding . Through our knowledge of multi sector Government funding. Coupled with Private Equity options

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As lead of the Technology Development programme, Les provided invaluable help in the early days of Echion Technologies. He built a great programme and team that added value to our company, and was able to connect with us at a personal level to provide bespoke guidance. It was a pleasure to work with Les.

Jean de La Verpillière - Co-founder and CEO @Echion Technologies - Next Gen Li-ion batteries

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Agile or Lean or Both

Having completed the year Lecturing to undergraduates, at Wolverhampton University, its time to reflex.

Lean or Agile or, this new term Lagile. Which to choose. Why bother at all.

I posed the question, if you were selling a product and making over 80% profit would you bother with lean or agile?
What is the business benefit? Why would we bother? what is the business imperative? where is the real benefit (minus the investment) in £ or $ or DON’T JUST DO IT ‘CAUSE IT SOUNDS GOOD.

Clearly, we must think of lean / agile manufacturing in the business context. That all actions for improvement MUST have tangible / measurable benefits. There is no point in pouring £ks in to refining a process of a product or service that no one wants.

Many text book examples refer to repetitive processes, medium to high volume. So how do we manage Lean / Agile in bespoke Engineering?

All good questions :

Something to guide you

Pricing for Innovation

How to set the right price for innovation.

Whether you are a new enterprise looking for a company-wide pricing model, or a well-established organisation planning to launch a new product, the initial prices will significantly determine your position within the market. A position that is hard to change. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of poor pricing models price products too low, leaving substantial amounts of money on the table and making customers raise doubts about the quality of the offering. On the other hand, if the price is too high, it can scare customers away.


  • The importance of price in supporting innovation and long-term profit growth 
  • Common mistakes when pricing new technologies
  • Why segmentation is fundamental to an optimised value-based pricing strategy
  • Tools and methodologies to establish customer value / price
    • Perceived value
    • Financial value
    • Utilising customer research
  • Using different price structures to communicate value and overcoming barriers to adoption e.g. leasing, pay per use, performance-based pricing.
  • Supporting price implementation through the sales team and wider organisation.

Where does Technology Readiness measures fit in the Virtual world ?

Its interesting to think about how to measure technology development .

TRL and MRL are no longer sufficient measures, given that we are developing processes and product design simulation capability

Technology evaluation, the discussion continues

TaBA Associates approach
interaction of TRL MRL and the new kids on the block VERL and SCRL. details of which are available on request

We need to think about accelerating technology to market, and thus the measures based on physical prototypes needs to be rethought. At TaBA Associates we are working with leading Universities to further the debate.