Specialised Vehicle Event 15th October

Specialised Vehicle Event 15th October

ūüĎć TaBA Associates¬†Initial feedback~ in advance of the comprehensive slide deck,

Hosted by the KTN  at London Fire Brigade

Ryan Fisher, KTN and Venn Chesterton, Innovate UK gave a good introduction to the event.

Recognising that Specialist Vehicles is a unique grouping made up , in part, by

Construction, Waste , Emergency and Support Agencies

IDP15 £22 millions with a deadline of 6th December 2018. If you miss this calling , then there is likely to be a repeat next year ( 12 months)

Dr. Anna Wise gave a brief overview of the Faraday Initiative

Brian Robinson of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, gave an overview and Lessons from Recent Projects.

Brian, who is a Commercial Vehicle Emissions Consultant, stressed the need for Testing Processes for the new technology being developed. TaBA followed this up with Brian at the break out, if you want to know who to address this point then give me a call (07769 212563).

Comments from David Latimer of  Magnomatics, on their project funding by Innovate grants.

The main thing to remember is ANSWER THE QUESTION. You would be surprised, that applicants get over excited about their Tech and forget the other questions. If you fail, take on-board the critique and reapply next time  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Specialised Fleet Presentations ‚ÄĘ Matthew Dear, Programme & Partnership Manager, London Fire Brigade

LFB have 451 vehicles;  289 Heavy vehicles and 162 light vehicles.  52 Fire and Rescue vehicles .  From 2017- 2021 their budget is £200m 

LFB are targeting their high energy usage for Zero Emissions Pumping Appliances. Their typical duty cycle, driving 280 miles at 78 mph, using circa 187 KW and operating the pumping for 4 hours, circa 130 KW of power

Zero Emissions Pumping Appliance ( ZAPA)

Level 1 -Develop & Build Prototype , 2 year

Level 2 -Scale up, 1-2 years

level 3- Roll out, 2-3 years

There is an National Fire Chiefs Council who are supporting the initiative, by London is seen as the first mover.

They are very interested in Low Emissions applications on vehicle and also VERY interested in off grid power supplies, that can be adaptive to operational needs

I will be arranging a follow up meeting with Nicole Fletcher and Matthew, to expand on their areas of interest in Power Generation

Alexis Percival, Environmental & Sustainability Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)

turning the Blue light Green

the NHS is responsible for 5-7% of UK traffic. Producing 17,ooo kg of CO2 per annum ( need to check this ). They have 1,200 vehicles on the road covering 30 million miles , with a fuel bill of £4.5 m

THEIR challenge is to be 100% zero emissions by 2040. The definitiion of zero emissions was not given, but nontheless the direction is clear.

The YAS range is particularly extensive, ranging from 150 – 600 per journey.

There is great interest for the Range Management from Spark EV . I am following up with Alexis on this . Also they are very keen to understand the off grid power generation which TaBA are supporting .

Les Gill ( me) asked the general question . Zero emissions , as we know it, is measured at the Tail pipe. What about the Well to Wheel and reclamation  impact ? When / how will we be measuring the impact


It was good to see Steve Barbour of Composite Braiding. His company is on the TDAP programme that I was involved in prior to forming TaBA Associates


Les Gill

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