Inspiring Investment

Inspiring Investment

We have a great day with the Roderick Beer of UKBAA and Ian Tracey of Innovate UK.

This course was presented by leading knowledge holders in UK funding and investment structures.

We discussed our approach to our Business Plan  and Pitch deck.

For those of you reading this, how many hours and days have you put in to your Business Plan?

How long have you worked on your pitch deck?

Just think that the pitch deck is like the entrance porch to the rest of your house ( Business Plan)

With out a polished, impact full Pitch it is unlikely that your investors will want to come through the door.

When the slides come through Ill share them here.

TaBA Associates are well placed to advise you on the latest thinking of investment pitch decks . And this leads us nicely in to the Business Planning processes we can support you on





Les Gill

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Isabella Posted on4:36 am - 5th February 2020

The training led to our winning the 30 second Pitchfest competition at Innovate UK. This opened doors to meetings with angel investors and the VP R Finance at the Knowledge Transfer Network. In this role he helps companies to identify the most suitable form of funding; grants, investment, lending etc. to allow them to grow. Ian is the Secretary General for HEPTech, the IP network based out of CERN covering 26 institutes across 16 countries. His background includes CEO for startups, taking companies through funding rounds for a UK government funded research institute ( ), technology scout and research scientist.

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